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  • Academic goals
  1. I hope that i can get GPA 3.5 in my major courses. I will finish my reading assignment and quiz every week. I will also participate in classes actively. I am willing to talk to my professor to ask him give me some advice on my final exam.
  2. I want to attend English Corner every week to improve my oral english. I will make more friends who are native speaker. I think language environment is really important for me to practice my oral english. Make more friends can help me to own better language environment.
  3. I am gonna to meet my professor in his work hours at least 3 times in each semester. I will ask him some questions in text books. I also want to konw how i can do a good job in final exam.I think he is willing to give some advice to make me get access to academic success.
  • Academic Advisor

My academic advisors are Drs. Pierre Rodgers and Brenda Wiggins. I think my advisors are an indispensable part of my academic success. If i have some questions in text books or i have some trouble in understanding my professor in class, i can ask them for some help. It’s also useful if they can give me some advice on my academic paper. I will meet with them every week in the future because it’s likely for me to have problems every week. If i can meet with my academic advisors every week, i can solve all problems timely.

  • draft courses list

Spring 2016

Course title                                                                                                                               Credits

SPMT 614: Legal Issues in Sport                                                                                               3

Fall 2016

Course title                                                                                                                               Credits

SRST 606: Foundations of Sport and Recreation Studies                                                   3

SPMT 612:Economics and Financial Management in the Sport Industry                        3

Spring 2017

SPMT 620:Ethical Issues in Global Sport                                                                                3

SPMT 616:Sport Operations, Venues and Events Management                                          3

SPMT 613:Social Psychology of Sport:Leadership Implications                                         3

Fall 2017

Course title                                                                                                                                 Credits

SPMT 551:Sport in the Global Marketplace                                                                             3

SPMT 556: The Global Soccer Industry                                                                                    3

SPMT 651:Sport and International Development                                                                  3

SRST 599:Preparation of Thesis or Project Proposal                                                            3

  • progression requirements
  1. Minimum overall GPA: 3.0
  2. B or better in PROV/EAP classes
  3. No grade of NC, W or IN permitted
  4. Statement of purpose
  5.  letters of recommendation