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I have been a zealot fan of NBA games since I was young. When I began to learn the difference between football and basketball, my father always kept me sitting in front of television with him to watch NBA. He believes the routine of watching these games could cultivate my dense interest towards basketball and in my future I could grow to a professional basketball player. And the reality turned out more exciting. Although I am not a professional basketball player right now, I do have strong interest into all kinds of sports, includingF1, NBA and FIFA. Interest is the most important reason for me to choose my major, Sport Management.

During my four-yearundergraduate study in the major of Process Equipment and Control Engineering, I persisted in my interest towards all kinds of sports and learning to be a sport narrator. In my first year in Zhengzhou University, I became a member of Sports Department of our College Student Union. In this department I along with my partners successfully organized many sport competitions, such as annual college basketball competitions and annual college football competitions. In 2012 I was even appointed as the primary principal of these two competitions and took charge of relevant personnel deployment, competition timeline, schedules and spaces and even the sponsorship, which benefited me with the opportunity to learn how to manage a sport event and guarantee its smooth progress.

I could still remember in my first semester in 2011-2012 academic year, I was responsible for organizing a football game in my college. To make sure every class tea could have the opportunity to play the game, I connected with all the class monitors and collected their class schedules so that I could make more proper competition arrangement to avoid the conflict with their classes. Together with my members in the department, we settled down the competition rules, referees and tournament ground. As to the prizes and awards, I applied for some fund from my college as well as some sponsorship from local enterprises. Through the whole process, I had communication with many different people and worked out every problem together with my partners, which greatly enhanced my interpersonal communication skills and teamwork ability. And my hard work was also finally paid off with a prize of “Excellent Organizer of Recreational and Sports Activities” in my college. I found myself interested in events organization. There are some courses in Sport Management related to events organization such as Legal Issues in Sport Management, The fundation of Sport and Recreation Studies and so on. These projects will help me in my future career to be a events organizer.

I also attached great importance to the ability of putting theory into practice and managed to accumulate rich working experiences. In my school intervals, I ever worked as referee for children’s swimming championshipin Zhengzhou University for several times. Based on my outstanding performance, I was alsoinvited to be president of swimming association of our university, which offered me a broader platform to tap my potential in event management, carrying out large sports activities and made strategic work schedule.As I eager to practice my professionalskill, I seized the part time work opportunity from Tencent Sports and worked as football text narrator in my junior year. My major responsibility was to make accurate and vivid text commentary about domestic and international football matches. To do a better and more professional job, I repeated observing senior-workers’ work and commentaries and accepted the sincere suggestions from colleagues and audiences. The enjoyment of touching the real practice and working with otherscontributed a lot to the improvement of my communication skills and teamwork spirit. What’s more, years of sports practice granted me deeper understanding of action skills and training techniques, as well as perseverance which will facilitate me to handle the difficulties on my way to pursue advanced study in Sport Management.

For my future goals, I plan to concentrate on absorbing the knowledge in the field of sports management to pave solid theoretical foundation to my future career. If possible, I also want to involve myself into practical experiences to strengthen my practical capability and professionalism. I hope I could meet seniors in this field and have the opportunity to learn from their practical experience and broaden my horizon. After my graduation I would like to come back to China and apply what I have learnt about Sports Management into practice. I hope I could be a good events organiser or marketing manager in the future.