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Hi, I am Gao Chen, a graduated student in George Mason University. My major is Sport and Recreation Studies and I will focus on Sport Management in the future.

In my college time, my major was related to physics. My parents hope me to become an engineer in the future. However, after a long period of study, I felt that I had no passion on that field. I decided to make everything changed. I have been dreaming of becoming the best sports commentator in China since I was a child, that’s why I found a job in Tencent sports company. I boardcasted some important events including FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games. I translated the biggest competition into vivid words and pictures and sent them on the internet. Also, I need to share my opinion about the competition with my audience and communicate with them. I always enjoy my time when I am working. From this wonderful experience, I understand that communication is the most important factor in sports field, especially communicating with your audience. Sharing opinions with others about the competition can always make the game more interesting and attractive. When I was boardcasting the events, I and others commentators always worked as a team. We helped each other and make our boardcasting better and better. So I absolutely know that how important teamwork it is.

My major is Sport and Recreation Studies.The duties of Sport and Recreation Studies program is to promote people’s living quality by delivering recreation and leisure services to our daily life. In this course, we are required to take some foundations courses that focus on historical and socio-cultural foundations, ethical and legal issues, social-psychological perspectives, management and administration, and research methods and statistics.   This portfolio describes my achievements in the Pathway Program using the Pathway Reflection, Progression Requirements, Academic and Professional Products. I believe this portfolio depicts my academic progress in the Pathway Program.