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I have been studying in pathway program for about one year. Through this period of time, I had many impressive learning experience which gained me some valuable skills that are useful for my future study in Sport Management such as critical thinking, teamwork, and so on. However, in these experiences, the most critical one happened in this semester, which made me understand that I should never slack off in my studies.

At the beginning of this semester, I got good grades in every subject. It seems that there was no difficulty for me to pass all my courses. Languor started to emerge in my heart. I skimped my homework these days and always sat behind in class without speaking a word. What’s more, I spent all my leisure time on playing computer games with my friends. I said to myself again and again, “I am going to bring mylife back on track tomorrow. So, it is fine to abandon myself today.” However, one today is worth two tomorrows. The punishment of my wasting time was coming soon. I got C+ in one of my PROV 502’s homework and C in one of my EAP 507’s homework. In Mid-term evaluation, both of my grades in these two subjects were B-, which means I was close to fail these courses. Huge pressure rushed to my mind and I felt the unexperienced awful that moment. I decided to meet my advisor immediately. She said , “ Later better than never. I would like to see you more focused on your study instead of taking it easy just because it is the beginning of the semester.” After a deep reflection of myself, I was determined to make everything changed. I met all my professors to get feedback from them to improve my homework and got involved in class actively. I listened to my professor carefully and tried my best to answer the questions in class as many as possible. Where there is a will,there is a way. My grades in all subjects rebouded after hitting rock bottom,which made me really happy and gratified.

The lessons I got from this experience are more than this. For my graduate study, it is important for me to keep on going and never slack off in my studies. Not all errors can be made up and Lost time is never found again. If I want to be successful in my future study in Sport Management, I need to pay more efforts than others. Believe it or not,in addition to the efforts,there is no shortcut to success in the world.